The Big Move

What’s that rolling into town at Clearwater, the morning of Sunday, August 11?


Yes, all the pieces came together for the big cabin move, to transport each of the buildings from their construction site at Robert Guilford’s farm to their new homes on the property of Greg & Carissa deJong adjacent to Clearwater.

Leading up to the move, the sites for each cabin were staked out, local Bobcat operator Willis McKay was hired to clear topsoil from the footprints, gravel was delivered and spread onto each pad, the gravel was leveled and tamped, and lengths of rail ties were cut and prepared.

A stack mover trailer generously donated by Steve and Lyle Johnson, with conveyor belts and the ability to tilt, was hired and, with the capable piloting of Robert Guilford plus the diligent help of numerous neighbours and project participants, each building was loaded, transported (at 10 mph; each 6 mile trip took 45 minutes) and gently set down on blocks.

This marks a great benchmark in the project. Leveling, finishing, inspections and other completion work can now carry forward.

ENORMOUS thanks to all who have helped this project thus far, in even the smallest ways.

Note: a project tour is planned for the Saturday (Sep. 14) of Harvest Moon Festival.

Review – April 13

Students presented their work thus far, to Clearwater residents as well as some University of Manitoba faculty.

Photos by Greg deJong

Build Photos – April 10

Build Photos – March 31

Photos by Dominique Rey